Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today's special

Johnny Depp is pure hotness.
Like shark time, duh!

So is Alex Pettyfer!
Hmmm, oh yeah...

And I just came back from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Generally I liked/loved it.

One of my friends thinks she fancies Daniel Radcliffe...
(Yes Huey, I'm talking about you)

... but I'd go for Freddie Stroma!

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No Names

New in the blogroll

3 new blogs!

First one up: Premium Boy Blog

Daily updated with videos and/or photos (NSFW)

Second: Muscle Buds

Well defined men, no steroid zombies ^^

And last but certainly not least: Sexy Walls of Amazing Guys

Update your desktop with a manly wallpaper daily!

All broken links were deleted from the list.
Want to be featured and added to the list,
send a message or leave a comment with your info.

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