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No Names

Yesterday's update xD

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No Names

New in the blogroll

5 new blogs!

First one up: 1001 Men & Ted
1001 Men & Ted has some pics of hot guys, but it also features more humor (games, goofy links etc).

Second: Daily Man Whore Blog
Daily Man Whore Blog is a PG blog with pics of hot guys (no nudity, sex, lascivious acts, etc).

Next up: Silver Cloud
Making pictures of cute guys on the streets.

Followed by: Adonis Complex
A collection of hunks, updated daily.

And something XXX: Digital Muffins (XXX)
Guys that may give you an inner quiver.

All broken links were deleted from the list.
Want to be featured and added to the list,
send a message or leave a comment with your info.

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